Our Mantra

Hunting is not a privilege it is our given right. To date, eighteen states have adopted hunting as a right in their bylaws. Hunting always was, and continues to be, integrally woven into the fabric of American society. Never ever apologize for your God Given right to hunt!

It is our goal to celebrate our Given Right to hunt in each and every episode. To portray the passion we all have for this sport we love so much. We invite you to come along on the journey and to participate in the celebration of The Given Right.

Kenneth Lancaster


I’ve known Kenneth for over 18 years and proud to call him a friend. Kenneth is masterful hunter who breaks it down and keeps things simple with down home passion for the outdoors and his family. Anything that walks, crawls or swims Kenneth will get after it with a smile and without an ego. I know this show will bring a breath of fresh of air to promoting one of Our biggest blessings, which is the great outdoors. With so many years of outdoor production experience Kenneth will make our job easy.
– Michael Waddell


In the 10 years I have known KL he has been nothing short of outstanding! A great father, faithful husband and a loyal friend. He is a man of his word and a man of integrity. I would trust Kenneth’s word and his actions in any situation. I am happy to have him as a business colleague and a friend!!
– Nick Mundt


In one word I can describe Kenneth “SOLID” . Honest , loyal, dependable and he does a good job at chasing critters too. Business , family or friends Kenny Lee is “SOLID” and I’m proud we are friends.
– Travis “T-Bone” Turner